Country Side

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One of the many things to do while in Bohol is to do the country side tour. A remarkable and fun-filled visit to Bohol’s tourist attractions. Best idea for first timers to experience the wonders the place has to offer. A day is good enough to visit all so make sure to be in Panglao Island too for their awesome beaches. This is actually my second time here, and I’m back, and I will still be back for more amazing memories.

Camwhoring at the beach! hahaha!
I wouldn’t leave Bohol Plaza without this photo taken. Hehehe!
Way to chocolate hills!Β 5th photo here πŸ™‚
I wanna sail like Popeye the sailor man. πŸ™‚ Oh Popeye the sailor maaannn!
Python Prony and me! Hahaha! Scary!
Inside the Baclayon church, the second oldest stone church in the Philippines. Yes, I do pray too. *wink*
Me and my sissies πŸ™‚
Blood Compact. A tribal ritual in the Philippines to seal a friendship or to validate an agreement.
Butterfly Sanctuary. I wish I have wings like them πŸ˜€
The accessories I wore that day! Yellooowwww!
Sending you lots of love from Bohol <3



  1. lovely photos! Makes me feel like I need a vacation! lol. Love your sweater in the first image – super cute <3

  2. I love visiting Bohol… esp to see the Chocolate Hills, sail the Loboc River plus its buffet, visit historical sites there, see the small round-eyed tarsiers and experience the thrill in Danao

  3. Been to bohol too, the chocolate hills is to die for, honestly ang ganda ng pilipinas, dun ko naapreciate nung nakita ko yun πŸ˜€

  4. I love Bohol and was able to tour the place twice. It's a combination of fine beaches, natural chocolate hills and the cute tarsiers.

  5. Nice photos sis! πŸ™‚ You really seemed to have enjoyed your time in Bohol! Anyway, I haven't been in Bohol yet, but I hope I'll be able to experience it soon πŸ™‚

  6. Wanderer Juan Reply

    Bohol is one of the destinations that I would love to go to because of its many beautiful beaches and the chocolate hills!

  7. I only love Bohol because of Panglao Island and the sugarlike sand of Bohol Beach Club BBC. and of course, fun isn't complete without meeting Prony and her dancing buddy-that time her was Jinnifir Lopizzzzz.

  8. i love looking thru your photos!!! that python tho, freaked me out..i would not get in a room with that thing!! hehehe GIGlove

  9. You look beautiful. Loving your striped top. Why do you always have such amazing photography? They are mind-blowing!
    On second thought, Popeye was one my favourite character. Oh, what fun was Popeye, Olive and Brutus! hehe.. "I'm Popeye the sailor man! *poo poo* " hehe.. πŸ˜€

  10. Wow I miss Bohol. So it's your second time around. My last visit was on 2000. It's 13 years now.

    Bohol is really a fantastic place.

  11. I've been to Bohol last 2008 and I had lots of fun despite the scorching heat of the sun! We've also been to many places but I've never visited Panglao.

    I hope I can visit the place anytime soon.. πŸ˜€

  12. Wanderer Juan Reply

    I'm planning to go to Bohol next summer. Would definitely go on the countryside tour. Great photos by the way, the python is huge!

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