GID joins GIG Movie Awards – “CLEOPATRA”

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Who wants to be on a movie awards? Well, I do. This may not be like Oscar Awards for real, but this one definitely makes me just giggle for excitement. Oh, I couldn’t wait to join the GiG Spotlight and thanks to Liss Cope from Latinolook and Debora Faria from The closet Lullaby for hosting this event.

So here’s my entry:
Ever since I was a child, it is already my dream to become a queen when I grow up. Who doesn’t want to be one anyway. That dream halfway came true when some cool people invited me for a body painting photoshoot with the theme “Egyptian Queen”.  Yes, you read it right.
Meet CLEOPATRA, the most enchanting woman who has ever lived. More than 200 films, hundreds of thousand of book copies, television series and a lot more. Why do you think her name still lives even today? Is it because her life story is about love and sex? Is it because she is a Woman of Power? Well, it is never too late to watch the movie.


Here are some photos I would like to share with you on that day I became like Cleopatra.
This is not just because I was given the chance to portray her in photos but because I honestly admire her the most.


So there, I hope you all like the photos above. Thanks again to GiG for this event.



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