Money Games To Try Online (Nope! Not Gambling)

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Playing money games does not always mean gambling. In fact, there are lots of money games we can find online that exist to help you familiarized or master basic mathematics. Kids can get familiar with addition and subtraction with these games.

Money Games

Supermarket Numbers, for instance, helps us with our analytical thinking. A goal is set at the game and all we need to do is click the numbers that will total the number of each goal. For example, when a goal is 10, we need to click 5 and 5 or any numbers that will total to 10 when added. But here’s the catch, just like Tetris, a block or a number falls at a certain rate and when the goal is solved, the numbers/blocks disappear. And when you’re not fast enough, the blocks will pile up and boom, game over!

My personal favorite is the Grocery Cashier where you get to play as the cashier. My son likes this game. He said it helps him familiarized monetary computation like adding and subtracting money using the virtual cash register. This also has a feature that helps you learn how much change to get when paying.

Francis got to try other games too like The Amazing World of Gumball Tidy Up where he played the part of Darwin who get to clean and fix all the mess Gumball made. Fixing and clean a room while beating the time is really fun.

There are actually a lot of games to try like NFT, Stocks, Bitcoin which I’m pretty sure can help us with something in real life. Not only that these games are fun, they’re also educational. There are also games that can help us manage our finances.

I would personally allow my kid to play these kind of games since it won’t just give them fun times but make them learn as well. How about you? Have you or your kids tried any of these games?

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