See you next time

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I wonder why the more I am holding my feelings, the more I wanted to cry. I wonder why the more I am pulling back the tears, the more possible it will fall.  I don’t want to cry, I never wanted to. But the more I am hiding my tears, the more my heart cries. Cry, because I think it’s the only thing I can do this time. Cry, to be able to let feelings out.

I am worried and nervous. Not because I don’t trust the love I am receiving now. But because I’m scared it will soon end.  Of course, I am aware that things would be a lot different from today. But this awareness ain’t enough to make this innocent mind understand that “goodbyes” are just “see you next time”!
I will never get tired of anything, of loving you, of thinking of you, so if  I need to wait to be with you again, I always will. So, see you next time and see you soon.


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